Why the Left Hates America

Nov 05, 2002 03:00 AM EST

Author and lecturer Dan Flynn hopes his new book, Why the Left Hates America, will educate his readers on why that is so. In the book, Flynn says the primary reason for that attitude is that America's success refutes every pet theory the left has about it. For example, he says, the left states that capitalism is an economic system that has failed, yet America is the largest successful free-market country in the world -- and also the richest. "So, obviously," Flynn says, "capitalism is not a failure." In addition to capitalism, Flynn says, the left hates Christianity, saying it is "intolerant." Yet in truth, the author says, people of any faith can practice their religion in the United States. He points out that that same tolerance for religion in the U.S. is not reciprocated in countries run by people of other faiths. Again, Flynn says, that disproves what the left has to say about our "intolerance." Flynn says instead of revising their "inept and idiotic theories," members of the left continue to lash out at the United States and its freedoms.

By Pauline J.