Religious Americans More Likely to Support War

Mar 10, 2003 02:13 PM EST

The recent Gallup poll showed that Americans who view religion as important in their lives are more likely to support the Bush administration’s call for military action against Hussein, than the agnostics.

The general poll, taken late February, showed 59 percent of American adults as likely to support a preemptive war, and 38 percent as opposing it. However, statistically, the percentages deviated according to the interviewee’s preference on religion.

Among those who said religion is “not very important” in their lives, 49 percent said they favored the war; 60 percent of the adults who said religion is “very important” said they did; 70 percent of those who considered themselves part of the religious right were pro-war.

The poll also showed that only 26 percent of the religious rights were against war.

By Pauline J.