Urban Outfitters Decides to Carry No More "Jesus Dress Up" Doll

( [email protected] ) Mar 24, 2004 07:03 PM EST

According to American Family Association, Urban Outfitters informed that it will no longer carry the "Jesus Dress Up" magnet sets and has cancelled an order for 2,500 more after receiving more than a quarter of a million e-mail complaints within an hour through OneMillionMoms.com and OneMillionDads.com, activist groups sponsored by AFA.

Christians nationwide were outraged over what was sold at Urban Outfitters clothing store – a refrigerator magnet set called “Jesus Dress Up,” which was designed to clothe Jesus on the cross with various costumes such as a Satan mask, tights, a ballerina’s dress, and a dogcatcher’s outfit.

Randy Sharp, special projects director for the American Family Association (AFA), said there was immediate and widespread outrage over the fact "that Urban Outfitters would take a product that blasphemed Jesus Christ, that was very derogatory toward the Christian faith, and would make it part of their marketing scheme."

"After receiving such an overwhelming negative response, Urban Outfitters has announced that they will no longer carry the Jesus Dress Up magnet set," Sharp said.

AFA chairman Don Wildmon said he was pleased to hear about the company’s decision that "marketing a product insulting to the Christian faith is not a wise business choice."