Interview with Rev. Thomas Wang on Legalizing of Gay Marriage in Canada

Our reporter interviewed the president of Great Commission Center International, also the Chairman for the Christian Social Endeavor Foundation, Rev. Thomas Wang.
( [email protected] ) Jul 01, 2005 01:32 AM EDT

June 28, 2005 - The House of Commons in Canada passed the bill to legalize gay marriages, and it is predicted that the bill will pass through the senate easily as well. The law will take effect at the end of July. Canada will be listed as the fourth country to legalize gay marriages behind Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain. Facing the defeat of traditional marriage in its neighboring country, how should America, the Christians, and especially Chinese Christians defend their faith? Our reporter interviewed the president of Great Commission Center International, also the Chairman for the Christian Social Endeavor Foundation, Rev. Thomas Wang.

"I feel that this is very serious! I feel that this is a very serious problem!" Rev. Wang said in a serious tone. "United States and Canada are neighbors, and both are Christian nations. Both has Christianity as its foundation. Yet seeing Canada's change, I feel that this is a tragedy, a real tragedy!"

"Most national political leaders have abandoned their faith and moral ethics, chasing after the secular society. The viewpoints of people has been transformed by the secularized traditions. Canada is a very scary example of this."

"American Christians should wake up and be careful, and ask for the awakening of the spirit. Revive! Christians should become God's voice in the society."

Rev. Wang emphasized that currently the biggest problems for church is not raising their voice. "The voice is only echoed within the walls of the church, it has not affect for the multitudes outside of the church. Churches have to break down the walls and enter the society. Taking the Bible and the truth, and the Word of the Lord, churches should preach to the society."

Rev. Wang continued that behind everything, there is the plan of Satan: "The Bible says that Satan is like the roaring lion, looking everywhere to devour men. Satan is against God and destroys men. Because man is the creation of God, Satan attempts to destroy man, make men leave God's Word, betray God, and sin."

"You probably know the plans of the homosexuals; after legalization, they will ask for more: to marry within the church. If a pastor refuse to preside the marriage, then the case will be brought to court, because under the new marriage law, homosexual marriage is protected, so the pastor's decision is against the law. This will be a serious problem. In Europe there was a pastor who was imprisoned for 30 days as result of this."

"Secondly, after legalization, they will not allow others to criticize homosexual marriages. Even pastors on the pulpit cannot criticize this, otherwise it will be considered as hate language and therefore condemned."

"Next step, although it has not happened yet, but what could happen in the future: condemning the Bible as hate literature. Because in the Bible, both Old and New Testament, condemns the act of homosexuality. So, they could pass a law that deems the Bible as "hate literature."

"Homosexual marriage is not merely on the surface of things. The core of this is anti-God because God has set the law that one man and one woman would be together. God created Adam and Eve, yet man is going against the law, against God."

"Therefore, American Christians has to call America forth to repentance, and return to God!"

Rev. Wang further noted that the nation that leaves God will go to ruins: "Western nations are now becoming more and more distant from God, may God forgive. Western culture is going toward sunset, ona downward path because the Western nations have left the Lord. The reason why Western nations are abundant is because of God's grace. Christianity is source of the source of their abundance. Ruining this foundation, this is the reason for their downfall."

Presently, Rev. Wang is calling upon all the leaders of Canadian Chinese churches, co-workers through e-mail, hoping to wake the Chinese church to be aware of the homosexual movement. Last year United State's homosexual movement contesting the law was the most critical moment, and Chinese churches throughout U.S. united and held a rally of 10,000. From each state, the demonstrators marched to Washington D.C. At the sametime, two Christian based marriage protection organizations were established separately in east and west coast. Rev. Wang said that last year's demonstration should not end here, rather there has to be greater progress. Because many people do not know the importance of the current matter, the Christian Social Endeavor Foundation plans to arrange seminars for chinese churches and society and provide information on homosexual movement and traditional family ethics, and also through e-mail and monthly publications to spread it. If needed, it is possible that another large rally will take place once again.

Lastly, Rev. Wang said for the third time, "This problem is very serious." He hopes that churches, organizations, and media may together spread the news and call forth to the believers and the society to be on alert.