United Reformed Churches Hungry for Renewal

( [email protected] ) Dec 20, 2008 09:17 AM EST

The United Reformed Church is celebrating the early success of a three-year campaign that was launched this Advent to breathe new life into its congregations.

More than 500 churches - almost a third of URC churches - have already signed up for Vision4Life, more than any previous nationwide campaign the Church has seen.

Vision4Life consists of three phases. In the first year, participating churches will explore ways to re-engage with the Bible until Advent 2009, when the focus will shift to prayer. Then in Advent 2010, the final phase will center on evangelism.

Churches that signed up have received resources to help them share their faith stories and look again at how to be the church.

"The hope is that by December 2010, building on what we have already done, we should feel more confident to address the sharing of our faith stories which is one of the activities we seem to find most difficulty with," said the URC on its website.

The URC said Vision4Life was its most popular campaign yet and is appealing for more churches to get involved.

"I am excited, not only by the number, but also by the enthusiasm and creativity that local churches are bringing to their involvement," said URC General Secretary the Rev. Roberta Rominger. "Clearly, Vision4Life is addressing the hunger for spiritual renewal. People are eager to engage with the Bible and discover something more of what God wants to do in their lives."