Dying Chinese Man Being Forced From Hospital Due to Government Pressure

( [email protected] ) Feb 06, 2009 03:48 PM EST

BEIJING – Hua Zaichen, 91, whom authorities have repeatedly denied a final meeting with his imprisoned wife Shuang Shuying 79, is being persecuted by authorities while in critical condition, at the point of death in the hospital. Hospital officials, under pressure from the Public Security Bureau (PSB), have ordered Hua Zaichen to leave Beijing Dianli Hospital even though Hua Zaichen’s son, Pastor Hua Huiqi, says that his father cannot survive being moved.

Every visitor to Hua Zaichen is required to register their ideas with PSB officials. The government authorities have also refused to release Hua Zaichen’s wife, Shuang Shuying though her prison term ends February 8. Shuang Shuying has suffered almost two years in prison on fabricated charges, and has been ill most of the time. Hua Zaichen and Shuang Shuying are house church Christians who have been persecuted for years by the Chinese government, because of their family’s work in caring for the poor and oppressed and allowing persecuted Christians to stay in their home.

Pastor Hua Huiqi told ChinaAid contacts that authorities have tried to exploit Shuang Shuying’s desperation to see her husband to pressure her to inform on other Christians. However, Pastor Hua said, “My mother would rather suffer than surrender and betray our brothers and sisters as the PSB has demanded.” Pastor Hua also said his family is thankful for ChinaAid's support during this difficult time. He said they had also received letters of comfort and support from all over the world.

ChinaAid thanks all who have supported this family at this critical time. Authorities have responded to the pressure by monitoring the family closely, fearing the international community will hold them accountable for their actions. ChinaAid encourages supporters to continue to speak out on behalf of Hua Zaichen and Shuang Shuying by writing to hospital authorities and the Chinese Ambassador.

For more information, go to chinaaid.org.