AMG International Paves the Way for Modern and Spiritual Medicine for Thessalonica

Nov 11, 2002 03:00 AM EST

Greece -- In 1975, AMG International opened the doors to a new hospital in Thessalonica. AMG hoped to establish a medical center in northern Greece that would offer a successful combination of modern medical treatment and a spiritual approach to the sick. AMG's Paul Jenks says, over the last 27 years, reputation and testimony have grown. "We have a hospital called St. Luke's hospital. It's a modern 220-bed facility well-known for the open-heart surgeries that are done there. We're in the process of expanding that facility as well." Jenks says growing their hospital will open doors for more outreach, and they're asking for prayer. "Pray for our leaders there. On top of their already busy schedules, they're finding that just more and more contacts are coming, and so they need the Lord's wisdom of how to set their priorities and accomplish the things that have already been placed before them."

By Pauline J.