Central America Mission Report: Nicaragua and Ecuador

Dec 07, 2002 09:22 AM EST

Nicaragua -- A businessman from the United States is building homes for Food for the Poor in Nicaragua. Les Stewart's daughter Bethany was killed in a tragic explosion in 1998 while maintaining a Blackhawk helicopter. Looking for a way to memorialize her, Stewart wanted to build a house. "The only thing I thought I would do is maybe build a house every year. The house is $2,000 and I knew I could afford a couple thousand dollars to put someone in a home. And, I thought of no better way to carry on her memory than to have someone living in a house." Stewart didn't stop there, though. He went on to build a 250 family village, now known as "Bethany Village". "My company has donated the money to build a church there. We have a feeding program. We're getting ready to start a school and we've already taken care of two teachers and more will be hired as time goes on." Stewart says the church already has 257 members.

Ecuador -- HCJB World Radio brought physical and spiritual encouragement to residents of a remote Ecuadorian town near the Reventador volcano. The volcano, 60 miles east of Quito, erupted last month, covering the town with ash and causing health problems for residents and livestock. In response, HCJB doctors took a mobile medical clinic into the area. The six-member team traveled to the area to help the affected villagers. By meeting the physical needs, doors were opened to share the hope of Christ.

By Albert H. Lee
[email protected]