Over $28,000 Raised for Central Asia

Dec 31, 1969 07:00 PM EST

After missionaries shared about their work in Central Asia, Abundant Life Assembly of God in Stafford, Virginia, committed to raise $20,000 to build four new churches in the area at $5,000 each.

Senior Pastor Tommy Winstead prayed about how the church was to raise the fund over and above the church’s budget. Following the $5,000 donated to start the project, he gave each family or person who wanted to participate a $100 bill and charged them to use it as “seed money” over a six-month period, and return it with any profit.

Participants did work to earn cash and held fundraisers before and after church. In November 2002, the money was gathered during a special “Harvest Sunday.”

The response was overwhelming and exceeds the greatest expectations of Winstead. Over $28,000 was raised, excluding the initial $5,000 – more than a 500 percent increase.

A new church has already been built and tremendous results are reported. The missionary e-mailed this update: "Please thank everyone in the church for us. A week ago Sunday I went to the opening of a new church. [At least] 250 people were there, worshipping. At the altar call, eight Muslims and three Russians got saved."

By Cassandra Liu