Do Be Modest!

Dressing appropriately
( [email protected] ) Oct 26, 2003 10:45 PM EST

How low can you go? Many girls these days with the influence of the media and pop star figures such as Britney Spears dress immodestly turning their bodies into a sex-promoting object rather than a holy temple to reveal God’s glory.

Spaghetti-strap tank tops, low cut necklines, tight-hugging shirts, mini-skirts, and low-ride jeans. What was considered blatantly inappropriate in the past has now guised itself under the name of fashion. Most girls following the trends only see themselves as acquire fashion sense by wearing a particular outfit, but little do they realize they are acquiring more than that. The media and their icons sell the message to “be sexy.”

And as if television, the internet, and public exposure weren’t enough, there are even times in church, boys will be exposed girls dressing this way. What should we do?

Girls give many reasons for their choice of clothes but they should reconsider the case they are making.

1. It’s the style.

Yes, it is, depending who you talk to. It may be the style for the secular culture to be sexy, but in the culture of Christ, style is found on a higher plane: holiness. There are plenty of articles of clothing that are “in style” and still put forth a modest image. And what about conservative classic clothing which never go out of style?

2. I’m expressing myself.

First of all, there are many more ways to express oneself other than through clothing such as through personality, speech, music, art to name a few. But clothing is a very prevalent form of expression among many people. Think though. What am I trying to express? What kind of image am I putting forth? Is it an image that will portray me positively to others or will it give others the message that I’m cheap or need attention? God created us all differently and there are so many beautiful things inside us. Express how much we care for our bodies by taking care of it well and consider it a sacred gift of God.

3. The weather is so hot!

This is the case for summertime. When the temperature rises, the length of skirts, shorts, and shirts don’t but do quite the opposite. In this case, by exposing too much skin, the girl ends up getting hotter anyways from the sun rays. Also, tightly-fitted clothing tends to make a person feel even hotter. Try semi-loosely fitted clothing made with thin cotton. Cotton will allow the skin to breathe more easily, preventing the body temperature to rise. Usually, knee-length flowing sundresses, given the top is not spaghetti-strapped, is adorable and conservative at the same time.

4. I’m just showing off the beauty of the human body.

Yes, everything God created is beautiful. The person God created is beautiful but the clothing may not be. Although every body has its own respective beauty, does that mean we should completely bare it all? Wearing clothes would be a sin then because it would be concealing the beauty of God. However, God gave us our bodies for a reason. God gave us the ability to reason so that we may understand the world he created for us more deeply, not to analyze Him. Likewise, God gave us bodies so that we would reveal His beauty and realize its value, not so we could demean ourselves by becoming sex objects.

5. I don’t care what people think.

It’s sometimes very commendable and important that a person isn’t swayed by the views of the majority. This holds true for bad views. But for others, it’s worth it to just go with the flow. Irrespective of whether we care, which most likely we all do, it is necessary that we respect how other people perceive us, especially our male counterparts. Sometimes, it may difficult, though not impossible, for males to control their imagination or hormones when see girls who dress immodestly. We should acknowledge their struggle and show courtesy by not being the cause of their distraction.

It’s very hard to change feeling pressured to do so because someone told us to. However, realizing God’s great love for us is the key, knowing that all are created in His image, a beautiful image. By learning and accepting how much God wants us to be a holy temple for him, girls will eventually treasure their bodies. The inside needs to change first, then the outside clothing will follow suit.