In-depth, Comprehensive Bible Studies with Logos Software

( [email protected] ) Mar 22, 2004 09:23 AM EST

Logos Research Systems is using computer technology for its highest purposes – to study the word of God. The company has developed bible study software series called the Logos Bible Software Series X designed to provide an in-depth, comprehensive, and convenient bible study.

Starting the program opens to The Passage Guide, a search box and automated guide to every book, map, topic or resource in your library that deals with the passage you entered. Simply enter the verses or keywords of your bible study click "Go!" and the Passage Guide searches your library to present the most relevant information as a series of links.

A single search can return parallel passages from every bible available in the electronic library including Hebrew, Greek and Latin versions of the text. An abundance of other useful information such as commentaries on the passage, cross references, event maps, and music to name a few is also made accessible following the search.

The Word Study Guide provides selected words with its original Greek form along with explanations of the word. By clicking on Generate Englishman's Concordance from the guide generates a report of every occurrence of the underlying Greek word along with the English as it appears in the KJV or NASB.

Another feature in the Logos Bible software is the Prayer List that maintains a rotating list of prayer items. The top items can be shown on the Home Page each day. As you mark each item "Prayed For" it moves to the bottom of the list. Marking a prayer item "Answered!" moves it to the Answered Prayers section, where it will stay until you choose to clear the list.

The Logos Bible Software is part of an extensive Christian electronic library containing over 3,000 titles from over 100 publishers, this number is to expand to over 10,000 titles in the coming years.

The software is available if four different levels of study with a price range of $599.95 to $149.95

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