Bible Becomes Palm-Sized with GMP Soft’s PDA Software

( [email protected] ) Jun 17, 2004 09:12 PM EDT

Since the advent of the Palm Pilot there have been a slew of programmers trying to develop a portable digital Bible. A relatively new company GMP Soft has created its own version of the Palm bible, Bible With You (BWY) packed with plenty of features and a variety of software packages to choose from.

GMP Soft’s Bibles have a colorful and nicely formatted interface that is easy to use. Choosing a passage is simple – tap on the top right book, chapter and verse and the corresponding text is displayed. The screen can also be split in two to display another version of a Bible or one in another language simultaneously. The text will synchronize with each other as the passage is changed.

All of the usual preferences found in Palm Bibles are present plus more. Features include: Multiple Bibles support, Comparing Bible versions, Footnotes, References, Bookmarks, History, and Clipboard Copy to name a few.

A NAS edition reference and concordance modules are also available as add-ons to provide a wealth of information for bible study. BWY’s search engine is fast and powerful with features such as phrase search, wildcard search, alternative search, excluding search, and expressions search. Searches can be as simple or complex as the user can imagine.

GMPSoft offers a large number of translations in English, Spanish, and German with more to come. Commentaries and cross-references are also available as study materials.

Bible With You can be downloaded at GMP Soft’s website with a variety of packages ranging from $7.50 to $40.

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