Crossmap Unveils Christian Digital Library

( [email protected] ) Sep 24, 2004 07:30 PM EDT

SAN FRANCISCO –, one of the leading Christian portals, recently announced the launch of its Christian digital library. The library, one of the first of its kind accessible, launched Thursday with over 12,000 articles, 3,400 streamable sermons, 900 books, and 19,000 paintings in its database.

The library, built to provide a much-needed resource for the Christian community, utilizes existing database technology, the company announced today. It brings together resources from many of Crossmap’s online partners, providing a central place where all of these resources may be accessed. By adding site-wide features such as text highlighting and item book-marking, the library increases the usability of each individual work.

Greg Gordon is the founder of, an established Christian resource site for audio sermons and articles. The site also provides some of the resources for the Crossmap Library. He shares about the significance of a comprehensive Christian library: “Crossmap is pioneering something unique and sorely needed in our day. The E-Library will enable the common web user to have at their fingertips a vast amount of spiritually edifying material. I hope that organizations, schools, and churches work with and tap into this growing resource. I am proud to be a part of it and know it will further the growth of many Christians in our day.”

The Crossmap Library offers content in three formats: text, visual, and multimedia. Among the text resources are collections of books, Biblical dictionaries, Christian encyclopedias, commentaries, and concordances. Among the visual and multimedia resources are historical maps, biblical paintings, and audio sermons. In all, the library is offering over 40,000 resources on over 400,000 individual web pages.

Roy Li, the Editor of, says the company has been working with various groups to prepare and launch the digital library. In his Letter from the Editor published on the homepage of the Crossmap library, he shares his vision for the library.

“From our meager steps this year, we hope to grow and expand and become the most comprehensive repository of Christian information and resources… Without losing our legacy and tradition of Christian libraries past, we hope instead to build upon this foundation, making all Christian resources available to all the peoples of the world.”, a San Francisco, Calif.-based company works with international affiliates, currently publishing Crossmap in 18 countries.