International Campaign to Empower the Lives of 2 Million Men

Feb 14, 2003 01:27 PM EST

Nashville, TN - In a press conference this week at the National Religious Broadcaster's Convention, Patrick Morley, President of Man in the Mirror, best selling author of the book by the same name "Man in the Mirror" and respected leader in the Christian men's movement, announced that he has stepped up the Project Father's Day Book Give-Away Program through a strategic relationship with Tulsa based OnCore Group. The goal is to ship over 2 million copies of books for churches to give-away to men in their congregation and community that provide spiritual insight and patterns for successful Christian living.

The book "Man in the Mirror" was birthed out of a Bible study Morley was leading from his own search for meaning and a deeper relationship with God. This 1989 landmark book has shipped over 3 million copies and was listed by William J. Petersen and Randy Petersen in "100 Christian Books that Changed the Century." It has since spawned seven other books and the Man in the Mirror organization has equipped, inspired, and trained tens of thousands of men and local leaders in the Christian men's movement.

Morley's vision is to reach every man in America with a credible offer of salvation and the resources to grow in Christ. Man in the Mirror has retained the OnCore Group to help mobilize local ministries and individuals in the distribution of life changing books such as "Man in the Mirror," "Ten Secrets for the Man in the Mirror," "Seven Seasons of the Man in the Mirror," and the latest book in the program by Charles Colson "Loving God.

In 1973 Patrick founded Morley Properties, which, for several years, was hailed as one of Florida's 100 largest privately held companies. During this time he was the president or managing partner of fifty-nine companies and partnerships. "Our ministry exists," he says, "in answer to the prayers of all those wives, mothers, and grandmothers who have for decades been praying for the men in their lives." Morley currently chairs the steering committee for the National Coalition of Men's Ministries, and through extensive speaking, writing and training, continues to be a tireless advocate for men and their growth in Christ.

OnCore Group is the largest full-service, grass roots marketing and promotions company in North America, reaching 100 million people in the church and inspirational market. Based in Tulsa, OnCore also has offices in Los Angeles and Toronto.

By Albert H. Lee
[email protected]