JESUS Film to Premier in Tanzania

( [email protected] ) Oct 21, 2003 09:37 AM EDT

The JESUS Film – the most diversely translated movie in history, is readying for its premier in Tanzania. The event marks not only the first Christian film made in the nation’s history, but also the first film made in the nation’s “He He” dialect.

JFP President, Paul Eshleman, and his extended family that raised funds for the new translation, will travel to Tanzania for the premier in November 13.

According to Eshleman, the cultural significance of the film makes diminishes the threat to their teams in the Muslim area.

"Sometimes when a cultural occurrence takes place like this, it just overrides all the other concerns about what the subject of the film is, who's come and where they're from. It's "we've never had a film in our own language, let's go and see it."

The JFP group hopes to draw a crowd of 5,000 for the outdoor screening. Additionally, Eshelman hopes to provide a “follow up crew” for the premier.

"One of our objectives will be to set up a film team there and also provide for follow-up opportunities after the film. We're going to be doing several outreaches to executives while we're there...(pray) that they would be responsive."

To date, the JESUS film has been translated into 812 languages.