HealthCare Outreach In Action; Leading 710 Brazilians to Salvation

( [email protected] ) Oct 26, 2003 10:57 PM EST

A team of 17, including three doctors, one nurse practitioner, a dentist, an optical professional, and six medical students from Georgetown University, treated 1,500 people during the outreach at a recent HealthCare Ministries clinic in Corumbá, Brazil which lasted for about a week.

According to Assemblies of God (AG) missionary Terry Johnson, Corumbá Assembly of God is following up on the 710 people who accepted Christ as Savior.

"The people could not believe American medical professionals would come from the United States to their city and give a week of their vacation to treat them for free," says Johnson, who is based in Campinas. "They were open to the gospel when they saw their physical needs being met."

During the outreach, more than 1,000 pairs of eyeglasses were distributed along with New Testaments of the Holy Bible which were provided by Light for the Lost to everyone who attended the clinic.

Ever since AG missionaries Bernhard (now deceased) and Doris Johnson led the first of 13 clinics, HealthCare teams have been ministering in Brazil for 12 years.

Terry Johnson, son of Bernhard and Doris, says 13,000 patients have been treated and 3,700 people have accepted Christ as Savior through HealthCare.

HealthCare Ministries has held nearly 300 similar clinics worldwide in 62 countries, treating more than 277,000 patients over its 16 years of service. Of those patients, more than 68,000 have accepted Christ as Savior.