LifeWay & 'Left Behind' Launch New Evangelistic Campaign

( [email protected] ) Nov 13, 2003 09:22 AM EST

Web-based campaign known as “Share Eternity with Someone Today” has been launched by LifeWay based on the Left Behind fiction series. It will be availiable through out December.

The Left Behind series are apocalyptic thriller written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, with the prophecies of the Book of Revelation as the foundation.

The campaign will focus on the novels as the starters of discussion for sharing people’s faith in Christ. It features “Tips of the Week” which initiates discussion about eternity by asking people who they think the world is going to end. Followed by people’s respond to this question, it gives biblical account of how the world will end. It also features “A Discussion-Starter Guide,” designed to initiate conversation about God’s gift of eternal life.

The website link also provides a "Tip of the Week" for starting discussions about eternity. For example one "Tip of the Week" suggests asking someone how they think the world is going to end. Then after the person responds, describe how the Left Behind series depicts the biblical account of the End Times.

With more than 58 million books sold since the series' debut in 1995, the "Left Behind" novels have set all-time sales records for Christian fiction.

LaHaye and Jenkins estimate that they have personally heard from more than 3,000 readers who have made committed themselves to Christ or regained their faith in Christ after reading their novel.

Such was the impetus for the book, "These Will Not Be Left Behind -- True Stories of Changed Lives," complied by Norman Rohrer, which records lives of people who were transformed eternally after reading “Left Behind” series. The 12th book in the series is due out in spring 2004.

"Share Eternity with Someone Today" can be download for free at