Answers in Genesis Ministry In Attempt to Support Creation Scientifically

( [email protected] ) Nov 15, 2003 10:32 AM EST

Many Christian groups are fighting over teaching evolution in public schools arguing that the textbooks fail to show weaknesses of Darwin’s theory even after the final approval was made by the Texas Board of Education to new biology textbooks that teach evolution as a fact. Despite such oppositions from Christian groups, one Christian ministry called Answers in Genesis, is taking indifferent action over this issue.

Ken Ham, a Christian author and speaker, who is the founder of Answers in Genesis says his ministries do not get involved in political issues. Instead of fighting over biology textbooks in public schools they are planning to more focus on educating people on Creation more scientifically and let people challenge the teaching of evolution.

Ham believes that when Christians are given the truth about facts supporting the biblical account of Creation, they themselves will challenge the teaching of evolution. "Revolutions come from the people," he says, "and the more we can educate the masses, the more they will eventually start to rebel against the leaders and do something about it."

Answers in Genesis wishes to show scientifically that the Bible offers the best explanation for the origin of life. He contends that scientific evidence increasingly weakens evolution theory and that his and other Christian "creation ministries" are giving people the tools and the confidence to challenge the teaching of evolution as dogma.

Ham says the creationist movement is having a large and dramatic influence on American culture. "There is a groundswell of growing attention to this topic across the nation," he says, adding, "Why else would some of the evolutionists be so militantly concerned about what's going on? I think it's because of the effectiveness of what's happening."

Ham believes the growing number of challenges to the teaching of evolution is directly proportional to the effectiveness of creation ministries in getting their information out.