Children Ministry Refining Under Fire

( [email protected] ) Dec 15, 2003 12:00 PM EST

Kazakhstan – A Christian children ministry is facing hardship in Kazakhstan where it’s predominantly Muslim.

Bible Mission International's Mark Reimschisel says the head of their children's ministry was told by the government authorities that he didn’t have the right to conduct religious activity outside the church. He says, "It was at that time that he was informed what he was doing we illegal."

"What we're worried about in this particular instance and what the legal council has told us is that this could set a very dangerous precedent and could virtually wipe out existing children's ministries all across Kazakhstan and other republics in central Asia," says Reimschisel.

Reimschisel is asking believers to pray. "This has sweeping ramifications for what happens the rest of the year. The clubs that they have in the schools and in the apartment complexes is primarily AWANA Clubs and some other outreach clubs. But, this will also affect what they will do in the summer and in the fall when they do their camping programs."

A final decision hasn’t been made yet. Bible Mission officials say this won’t stop their outreach. They will continue their mission and expand their ministry.