Saudi Arabia Ministry Lightens In Midst of Threat

( [email protected] ) Dec 19, 2003 12:19 PM EST

Saudi Arabia — Ministries in Saudi Arabia are under the threat to leave. The US State Department reported about the continuous warnings of terrorism in Saudi America against Americans.

It was the third US travel warning for Saudi Arabia issued this month and the second in nine days. The unspecific threat appears to target not only the US, but also Western entities, which includes Christians and missionaries.

Open Doors USA's Jerry Dykstra says they're not in much of concern. "As far as Open Doors is concerned, we have ways of working in different countries. Obviously, I can't tell you some of the ways that we work in Saudi Arabia, but, needless to say that we have avenues of getting Christian materials there and we just need to pray that those will continue to flow into the country."

Dykstra still urged prayer support for the staff who have been succeeding in maintaining ministry level in the midst of harsh persecutions, "Pray for those Christian who are working there and witnessing there. Just pray for others--the handful of Christians who are in Saudi Arabia. Pray for new converts who must endure persecution for the sake of the Gospel. It's just a real tough place to be."