Betty Rush Ford Ministries Rescues Africa from AIDS

( [email protected] ) Feb 09, 2004 01:47 PM EST

West Africa -- A seminar to help people find the ways to avoid HIV/AIDS infection will be held at Accra under the sponsorship of the Betty Rush Ford Ministries of the United States.

About 400 pastors will be attending the two-day seminar known as “A Haven of Hope” and learn how to courage people to remain abstain from indiscriminate sex and help them living based on Christian principles.

Speaking to the GNA at the Peace Chapel International at Abeka La-Paz in Accra, Betty Rush Ford, Founder of the Ministries, said apart from Ghana the movement had organized similar programs in Kenya and Haiti.

"A Haven of Hope" would expand internationally and be held in Callabar, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Russia and India this year.

Ford started the first AIDS program “Channels of Love” in Tennessee in 1989, after losing her son to AIDS in 1988. In 2001, she published a book on AIDS titled “Mercy Triumphs.”

The coordinator of the program, the Reverend Anthony D. Hammond, who is currently serving at Bible Life Evangelical Church said on top of the seminar, there would be a program Human Rights leadership as well.

The activities of the Betty Rush Ford Ministries in Ghana is in collaboration with the Bible Life Evangelical Church and the Peace Chapel International.