A Step Forward to Reconcile Jews and Christians

( [email protected] ) Feb 11, 2004 03:19 PM EST

According to CBN.com, a historical news is heard from Israel as the Christian Allies Caucus is formed in Israel. Much effort has been made to bring the Jews and Christians together but it was never officially recognized until now. It is the first time ever the Israeli Knesset has officially engaged with pro-Israel Christian groups from around the world.

Yuri Stern, an Israeli Knesset member made an announcement on a radio show, Janet Parshall’s America, about the formation of The Christian Allies Caucus.

Stern said, "The idea is, really, to create a structure—though it’s volunteer, it’s not a formal committee of the Knesset. It’s an informal group of Knesset members who feel themselves committed to developing relationships with Christians everywhere."

While the radio show host, Parshall was staying in Jerusalem, she moderated a forum on Jewish-Christian relationships sponsored by The International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem, and The Media Line. She believes the Christian Allies Caucus represents a step forward in Jewish-Christian relationships.

Parshall said, "The formulation of this caucus in the Knesset concretizes that relationship. And, in a very formal way, says there will now be the recognition of the work that Christians have done in support of Israel. That is a monolithic step forward! And it gives us, I think, an open door in a more broad fashion to articulate our support for the nation of Israel."

David Parsons, Public Relations Director for the International Christian Embassy, who attended the first meeting said, "This is another sign that the Israelis and the Jewish people are now genuinely reaching out to Christians. Christians have offered a hand of support and friendship for many years and they’re taking it."

Parson added, "Overall, it was good progress. And we’re already talking about working on social issues here. Forming a welfare committee to help school kids who can’t afford school books, you know, back packs for their kids. Or even at Passover—Pessach—handing out baskets to help poor families celebrate the Seder meal properly."

Parshall said, "I’m anxious to see how it gets implemented in the future. But, right now, conceptually what it says is, in a very formalized fashion, that Christians, particularly the evangelical Christian community, have been so supportive of the nation of Israel. Why not build on that friendship? Why not recognize that friendship? And most importantly, why not work with that friendship?"