A/G WIM Conference Called Upon Women

( [email protected] ) Mar 20, 2004 08:45 AM EST

Women leaders of the Assemblies of God ignited the passion of women nationwide at the 2nd Women in Ministry Conference on March 10-12. The speakers used Biblical references to show that women that women doing ministry has been a tradition of women in the Bible and women now should also long to follow the calling of God.

Beth Grant, chairman for the Women in Ministry Task Force, spoke for the keynote plenary session and supported the beauty of women in ministry by describing Esther as "quiet obedience with integrity and grace." Grant posed three questions that would challenge women to think about how they would put their faith into action. She asked: "What platforms has God given you? What will you do with your voice? And what will you do with the 'stuff' of life and ministry?"

Nearly 17% of Assemblies of God’s ministers are women, according to a 2002 poll taken by the General Secretary’s Office. Many women in A/G are also encouraged to serve as missionaries or even volunteer in ministry although they already have a job.

Bryon Klaus, president of the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, who spoke on the last day of the conference, says it’s natural for women to go toward ministry because they are adhering to the will of God.

"Where does it say there is not a full participation in redemption? Is there a different salvation for men and women? I think not. This is not about feminism; it's about the call. How dare we not be good stewards of what God has ordained? Redemption knows no limits!" Klaus added, " hearing from the young women in our Movement that 'I deserve this' [position of ministry I am not]. I am hearing 'God called me!' I am not championing equality but asking for righteousness!"

Judy Malana, an Assemblies of God endorsed Navy chaplain, said, "If you do the will of God for each day, you will be in the will of God."

The plenary services of the conference as well as the breakout sessions were all recorded and can be ordered from Gospel Publishing House (1-800-641-4310). Resources that are free of charge will include manuscripts from many of the workshops and sessions, which will be available online at .