Christian Health Professionals Use Bible to Preach Fitness

( [email protected] ) Apr 09, 2004 03:12 PM EDT

Two Christian health care professionals are using the Bible to help Christians stay fit through their new business called Faithfully Fit in Urbana, Illinois. They believe if people do Bible studies while engaging in the fitness program then they will be feel more encouraged to take care their bodies as temples of God’s Holy Spirit.

"We work off the principle that most Christians hear about being good stewards of their finances and the environment, but their bodies they also need to be good stewards of," said Nia Klein, a physical therapy assistant and certified exercise specialist who started the business with Jennifer Brackenhoff, a registered nurse.

Fitness among Christians is an area that needs attention. Studies have shown that churchgoers tend to be more overweight than those who do not attend church, according to a 1998 study by Purdue University sociologist Kenneth Ferraro who analyzed public records and surveys involving more than 3,600 people.

Faithfully Fit offers an eight-week program that trains clients to lead a healthy lifestyle including practicing exercise and nutrition. Klein and Brackenhoff also lead classes for CPR certification and First Aid training.

Healthy lifestyle seminars are also another feature of their business. The next seminar “Get Healthy, Get Fit”, which will include lectures on healthy lifestyle and weight management, will take place on Monday, April 19th, 2004 from 6-8PM at the Vineyard Church Annex in Urbana.

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