YWAM's Discipleship Training Begins

( [email protected] ) Apr 10, 2004 10:24 AM EDT

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) of Youth With A Mission began their Multipoint DTS 12-week program on April 2, 2004, which will continue until September 17, 2004, in Dalarna, Sweden. It will be the second Mutlipoint DTS program that uses to a video conferencing system called Genesis allowing many countries to participate in the online lectures and activities.

There is much to look forward to according to a USA Multipoint staff member Joshua M. “The DTS is now underway and things are now in full swing. As a staff we are absolutely excited by all of this and we know that God has big plans during these upcoming months. We’ve already had a taste of that in these first few days. As we’ve connected to Sweden for worship and lectures, the presence of God has really been made known.”

Genesis, the technology that will make the DTS learning experience possible, was recently used at the “One Voice” international praise event on March 6, joining YWAMers from 10 nations.

Another location for the Multipoint DTS is in Lausanne, Switzerland, where 29 students have gathered in person. Six students will be listening directly from Sweden. A few other locations will be joining as well.

Joshua said, “I distinctly remember the day before the students arrived. We were putting the final touches on the classroom and I had a clear impression from God. I was reminded of when the Israelites first built the temple. After everything was finished they had a dedication and the presence of God descended in a cloud and dwelt there. I felt that was the same for us during this time.”

When the students arrived, Joshua also looked back on the beginnings of DTS and was certain the students currently attending the Multipoint DTS will continue the legacy of DTS by being “the history-makers of tomorrow”.

“I was also reminded of many pictures I had seen of the very first DTS’s and schools that were run here. Those first people shaped the mission; they changed the world in drastic ways. This could also be the same for us. There is so much potential in this class that I am incredibly excited to see what comes from them in the next few years,” he said.