Reaching Troubled Teens through Horsemanship

( [email protected] ) May 04, 2004 10:56 AM EDT

Saddle Up Ministries in Waynesboro, PA, recently bought and moved to a new 18 ½-acre farm from ministry founder Dorothy Lundgren’s 1 1/2- acre Welsh Run farm. The ministry started after Lundgren saved a horse from a slaughter auction and realized as she gave riding lessons with the additional horses being donated and bought that horsemanship encourages personal growth.

Lundgren said it teaches God's truths subtly, but is not "in your face."

The nonprofit, nondenominational ministry teaches troubled teens confidence, self-worth, and purpose through a variety of programs such as basic and advanced horsemanship classes, summer day camps and therapeutic riding. Most teens who come to Saddle Up are from Manito, an alternative high school for teens with behavior problems.

"They come in for a selfish reason and stay for an unselfish reason," Lundgren said.