Delaware YFC holds annual banquet

( [email protected] ) May 12, 2004 06:45 PM EDT

Founder of Columbine Redemption, Darrell Scott, was the main speaker at the annual Delaware Youth for Christ Annual Banquet on May 8, sharing the inspirational faith of his daughter who was slain in the Columbine tragedy.

Scott explained how his family overcame the incident at Columbine in his lecture titled “The Life of Rachel Scott” which illuminated the banquet’s theme “Looking through the eyes of YFC” by indicating that YFC must also reach out to the neglected as Rachel Scott did.

“She reached out to people who didn’t have any friends and she saw potential in everyone,” reflected the state’s YFC Executive Director Seth Baker. Rachel Scott reached out to three groups of people: new in school, kids who were different (racially and mentally), and kids who were picked on, according to her father.

“When you look through the eyes of Youth for Christ, you can see the hope and potential through kids,” said Baker.

Over 700 sponsors and organization leaders of the Delaware YFC attended the event and gave standing ovations to Scott as they wiped away teary eyes at the end of his talk.

Senator Tom Carper, who was involved in Youth for Christ when he was young, also spoke during the banquet.

Participants watched a video highlighting the ministry’s efforts and listened to a band comprised of kids who were tutored in instrumental music at the Middletown YFC in Delaware.

“The banquet is a great event for us because one of my goals for the banquet is to give something back to our supporters,” explained Baker. It’s nice to be able to give them an event for them to come out and hear and great speakers that will help in their spiritual growth, he said.