Faith is like a race says students running 5K fundraiser

( [email protected] ) May 13, 2004 08:34 AM EDT

This Saturday, 30 members will run the first-time 5K “Venture On!” race to benefit Student Venture, the high school outreach program of Campus Crusade for Christ. Students who will use the proceeds of the race toward summer activities say the there are spiritual elements in running a race.

"There are places in the Bible that compare life to a race," said Trisha Seymour, a Student Venture staff member who came up with the idea. Seymour is a cyclist and walks in area 5Ks. "The gun goes off, and we all have a finish line somewhere. The ultimate victory is a personal relationship with God. We're trying to help these kids win the race of life, so to speak."

Even though it will be the first 5K for Jodie Navarre, 15, a member of Student Venture and junior at Cinco Ranch High, she said, "I'm not so nervous, knowing God's right there."

Dennis Miller, a 19-year-old senior from the same high school as Navarre, plans to give strength to others in a unique way. "I have Scriptures from the Bible sewn in the seams of the clothes," Miller says. "I think they could be a little extra inspiration as people go about their day."