Student Life Camps Teach Teens Meaning of Love through Skits, Sermons, and Worship

( [email protected] ) Jul 06, 2004 10:22 PM EDT

Several of Student Life's camps kicked off on July 5 as the traveling camp enters its fifth week of challenging students with the theme, "Love God. Love People."

On Monday, three locations began camp orientations including Lousiana Tech University, Lee University, and Windermere Conference Center. The camps will end on July 9.

At all three camps, student audiences of over a thousand watched All Things to All People, the drama team of Student Life, perform a skit. In the skit, a boy named "Randall" who admitted to loving his mom but not his best friend or his girlfriend. He thought about how love has come to encompass things both superficially and biblically. Near the end of the skit, Randall concluded, "All love comes from His (God's) love." But he still had questions,"What about me meeting the love of my life?" A voice from a blinding spotlight answered Randall, "You just did."

Well-known bands and worship leaders also helped prepare students' hearts for journey of faith during the camp. Downhere performed for kids at Lee University while Charlie Hall led worship for the camp at Lousiana Tech University.

Students heard Biblical messages from camp pastors such as Pastor Greg Matte, who founded Breakaway Ministries at the University of Texas A&M and now leads a church in Houston.

Matte, who is camp pastor at the Lousiana Tech Camp, shared with students the message on "The Unknown Baruch" from Jeremiah 36: 1- 8. Baruch had five great qualities about his character which Matte explained for the students: he was part of a team, he went to a strategic location, he loved God and loved people, he was obedient, he perservered through tough times, and he lived a fabulous life. Matte encouraged the kids to be part of the team found in the body of Christ, go to such strategic locations such as church, follow Baruch's life of love, endure hardships, and know what God's perception of fabulous life is.

Near the end of the orientation, students divided into family groups to discuss the grace they received from the day.

Student Life camps last for five days and also offer live webcasting to selected sessions so parents of students attending the camp may participate along with their children.

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