Swaziland Dream for Africa Campaign of 2004 Celebrates Abstinence with Rally

( [email protected] ) Jul 31, 2004 05:51 PM EDT

To conclude the Swaziland Dream for Africa Campaign of 2004 in which 1,000 college age Americans, South Africans, and Swazis educated 184 public high schools in Swaziland on HIVAIDS, a rally was held at Somhlolo National Stadium on July 16.

Part of the Dream for Africa team was made of participants of Adventures in Missions, who started the first phase of the campaign, May 23- June 23, and engaged in the second phase, June 23 – July 21. Many Swazis high school students made pledges to remain abstinent until marriage.

Nearly 40% of the Swaziland population is infected with the AIDS virus.

The Dream for Africa used a film, "Beat the Drum,” to awaken the students to the serious AIDS tragedy in Swaziland.