Cambodian Teens Receive Mission Training

( [email protected] ) Aug 13, 2004 10:29 PM EDT

According to an article on Mission Network News (MNN), the first Teen Missions Boot Camp in Cambodia sets up a new era of evangelism in Southeast Asia. The Boot Camp started in June 23 and it will end on August, 13.

As MNN reported, Steve Peterson is with Teen Missions. He says, "This is the very first boot camp that we've organized and run for training Cambodian teens in their own country (and) how to reach their people and have a vision for sharing the Lord."

Cambodians through the generations have suffered enormous hardships by wars. There is an urgent need for bringing the gospel to this needy country. A mission boot camp is what it needs most.

Many Cambodian teens have been trained there at the Boot Camp and are ready to begin the work of evangelism.

According to MNN, the training camp could make a hug impact for evangelism in Southeast Asia. Cambodian teens know the language and culture there, and they are the most powerful missionaries in the area.

American and Canadian youth have set up the boot camp and have helped training these Cambodian teen missionaries.