Campus Crusade for Christ Summer Project

CCC says its summer projects provide opportunities for students to both reach the world for Christ and to grow spiritually
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Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) has announced its summer mission projects for 2005. The projects dot the landscape of America as students journey to beautiful vacation spots equipped with the gospel and hearts full of faith.

CCC explains on its website as follow: “Well, think of the best week of your life and multiply that by 10! You will spend about 10 weeks at a beach/resort location-or possibly an inner-city or international site--with students from all over the States, getting to know each other, getting to know God, and learning how to be an effective witness for the gospel. It is truly an opportunity you don't want to miss! You'll build relationships, minister to those around you, and gain a deeper heart for your walk with God.”

Summer projects not only offer students the opportunities to travel and preach the gospel, but also allow them to get a daytime job to earn some cash. It will be a life-changing experience filled with ministry, deep friendships, and spiritual growth.

Last summer, 1,790 students gathered at 43 locations in the United States to spend six to ten weeks receiving training on evangelism, character development, biblical knowledge, and leadership.

“The cost of the project-on average, about $2200 per person, plus transportation costs to and from project--will pay for housing, a portion of your food costs, project materials (Bible studies, notebooks, etc.), and some project activities, such as socials or retreats,” said on CCC website.

Students will work with staff team to disciple students, plan and coordinate project activities, and lead a Bible study. They will live in motel, guesthouse, fraternity house, or dorm-type situation for the summer.

Last year, over 800 CCC college students took the gospel to 76 different cities in over 30 countries around the world. In many cases, they brought the gospel to those who have never heard.

“It’s not uncommon to talk to a person who has never heard of Christianity or of Jesus Christ and what He did for them,” explains Nikki Auer, a member of the Melbourne, Australia summer project team.

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Campus Crusade for Christ

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Below is the list of project’s schedule and location.

Project Dates


Jun 12 2005 - Jul 31 2005

Acts 29

May 22 2005 - Jul 16 2005

Causacus X Cultural Connection

Aug 26 2004 - Sep 17 2004

Chile: Santiago

May 25 2005 - Jul 7 2005

Italy: Florence

May 23 2005 - Jul 7 2005

Italy: Salerno

May 15 2005 - Jul 1 2005

Mexico: Guadalajara

May 25 2005 - Jul 5 2005

Mexico: Puebla

May 26 2005 - Jul 8 2005


May 20 2005 - Jul 10 2005

OEX A: GPI (Nebraska)

May 20 2005 - Jul 10 2005


Jun 9 2005 - Jul 25 2005

Spain: Malaga

May 25 2005 - Jun 27 2005