Promise Keepers Conference Emphasizes Honor and Integrity

( [email protected] ) Aug 24, 2004 08:33 PM EDT

On August 21, 2004 , some 14,000 men attended Promise Keepers event held in St. Louis, which wrapped up its series conference “Uprising: A Revolution of the Soul”.

The two-day conference promoted a sensational atmosphere in the almost packed stadium located in St. Louis. As the conference ended, the exciting men promised that they would join a revolution to revolutionize their roles in life the way God wanted them to do.

The men declared churches and communities must be rebuilt based upon spirit of God. Erwin McManus, whose book “Uprising: A Revolution of the Soul” is the foundation for this year's "Uprising" men's conference, challenged all the men at the weekend conference “to be a part of the uprising and to have a heart for God.”

Honor was the main theme of the conference as it emphasized the importance of integrity, humility and courage, the qualities that God seeks in mankind.

Dr. Erwin Lutzer, the senior pastor of Moody Church in Chicago, challenged the men to embrace lives of honor. “The word honor never exists alone,” Lutzer said. “It almost always is included with the words of integrity, humility and courage.”

More than 1,000 men passionately responded to the call to make Christ as Savior. Mike Dailing, who attended his first PK event, called the experience a real turn around.

Greg Stier, founder and president of the Denver-based Dare 2 Share Ministries, urged the men to serve God at “the crossroads of integrity” for God knows everyone and all little actions that they do.

Reflecting upon the theme of honor and integrity, Adam Ramsey, an audience said “Be honest to yourself and to God, and let us do the right things because God always wanted us to do things righteously.”

The two-day conference came to a close at the nearly sold out Savvis Center late Saturday afternoon. St. Louis was the tenth of 18 cities in the U.S. where Promise Keepers is hosting events this year.

St. Louis was the tenth of the 18 cities in the U.S where PK is hosting events this year. In 2005, Promise Keepers will hold 20 events for men, called “The Awakening,” including a return to the Savvis Center in St. Louis. Early registration for 2005 “Awakening” conferences is only available on site at 2004 “Uprising” events.