Urbana Convention Center Relocates to St Louis in 2006

( [email protected] ) Oct 21, 2004 03:27 AM EDT

On Oct. 19, 2004, InterVarsity president Alec Hill sent an email to InterVarsity staff confirming that the triennial North American Student Mission Urbana Convention is moving to St Louis in 2006. The announcement marks the beginning of a new era for one of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA’s important events.

Since 1948, the Mission Convention has been held on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Urbana, as it's come to be called, will be moved to St Louis, Missouri.

As a Christian student movement, InterVarsity traces its roots back to Britain in the year 1877, when students at Cambridge University formed the first Inter-Collegiate Christian Union. Today, InterVarsity continues the legacy of those Cambridge students by establishing witnessing communities on American campuses.

Below are some statistics of InterVarsity, taken from the 2004 annual field reports 6/30/04.


564 campuses

832 chapters

33,000 students involved, 59% women & 41% men

1,204 faculty involved

33,100 seekers participating in evangelistic events

1,797 new believers

8,234 non-Christians involved in chapters

3,600 students involved in cross-cultural missions

6,450 students in camps

ETHNIC MINISTRIES (# of students)

4,078 Asian American

2,738 Black/African American

929 Hispanic/Latino

75 Native American

844 multi-racial

FOCUS MINISTRIES (# of students)

4,330 Graduate students

3,304 International Student Ministries

1,591 Nurses Christian Fellowship

1,572 Greek Ministries


1,229 paid staff (plus 283 volunteers and142 provisional appointments)

880 Campus staff

133 National Service Center

81 InterVarsity Press

82.6% White

10.4% Asian

4.4% Black

2.1% Hispanic

.3% Native American


$52,309,000 donations

$14,780,000 book & media sales

$9,631,000 conference fees

$361,000 investment and other income

$77,081,000 total revenue