Adventures In Mission Sends Team to Swaziland, Africa

( [email protected] ) Oct 21, 2004 05:08 PM EDT

This year, Adventures In Missions (AIM) has chosen many locations worldwide to establish a global network of missions training centers. Swaziland in Africa is one of the locations that AIM has on its list. The program lasts 3 months which began on Sept. 15 and ends on Dec. 15. Most participants are college-aged young adults.

In one of her reports for the mission center written on Oct. 12, Julie Anderson, Team Leader in Swaziland, wrote, “Last Saturday night, we had all the children from "The Ark" orphange over for dinner. It was great to see a bunch of beautiful children playing soccer in our front yard. We were so happy to be able to love and feed them.”

She continued, “After dinner, our house was transformed into a movie theater. We had "Finding Nemo" projected up on the wall and bowls of popcorn floating around. There are no theaters in Swaziland, so this was a totally new experience for the kids. It was a great evening. They sang praise songs for us at the end of the night, and I'm sure we were much more blessed than they were by the whole experience.”

Anderson is expected to return on Dec. 15, along with her teammates.

Since the establishment of the ministry in 1989, each year, Adventures In Missions (AIM) partners with other churches to develop a global network of missions training centers to produce national missionaries to realize the Great Commission that God has given to them. Its short term missions trips have been a great success for the ministry

As expected, traveling with AIM for mission training can be exciting and advantageous. Through the short-term missions program, participants will learn how to mobilize themselves to embrace the great commission as a central purpose in life.

For participants, the mission experience should result in a daily prayer life, increase in tithes to missions, an active participation in community ministry, and an advocacy for missions within the body of Christ with a desire to return to the mission field.

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