Promise Keepers Coming to Seattle

( [email protected] ) Oct 21, 2004 05:09 PM EDT

More than 8,000 men will attend the two-day Promise Keepers event taking place at Qwest Field in Seattle on Oct 22-23. The theme of the conference is “Pursue Honor, Nobility, and Wisdom”.

Erwin McManus, whose book “Uprising: A Revolution of the Soul” is the foundation for this year's "Uprising" men's conference, challenged all the men at the weekend conference “to be a part of the uprising and to have a heart for God.”

In an interview with the Christian Post, McManus indicated that people nowadays look at Christianity as a religion instead think of it as a way of life that Jesus revealed to mankind two thousands years ago; therefore, he insisted that it is crucial to have an “uprising” to show them what it means to be Christians.

The Austin-based Latin worship band Salvador will open the conference on Friday night with a full-tilt 30-minute jam of modern Christian hymns and praise choruses, including their current single “Heaven.”

Promise Keepers was founded in 1990 by Bill McCartney (born 1940), then the head coach of the University of Colorado football team.

The stated goal of this "nondenominational," organization is to celebrate Biblical manhood and motivate men toward Christ-like masculinity. "To unite men through vital relationships to become godly influences in their world -- by making promises to Jesus Christ and to one another that last a lifetime," reads Promise Keepers' purpose statement.

Promise Keepers began in 1991 -- 4,200 men attended the first Boulder, Colorado Conference (held at the Coors' Event Center). In 1992, 22,000 men attended. In 1993, 50,000 men jammed University of Colorado's Folsom Stadium, and another 52,000 in 1994.

Most noticeably, on October 4, 1997, PK held its Stand in the Gap: A Sacred Assembly Of Men rally on the Mall in Washington, D.C. Attendance estimates ranged from 480,000 to 700,000.

For more information about Promise Keepers and the event, visit or call toll-free 1-800-888-7595.