The Church Development Strategy Alliance and the Chinese Christian Aid Holds Conference in Taiwan

Taichung church communities seek to help children from Taiwan aboriginal families
( [email protected] ) Dec 16, 2004 03:47 AM EST

The Church Development Strategy Alliance of Taichung (̨ÖÐÊн̕þ°lÕ¹²ßÔ“ÃË…f•þ) and the Chinese Christian Aid held a hearing conference on Dec 9th, hoping to build a self-autonomous community to take care of children from families of ¡°special situations¡±. 12 faith-based social communities joined the conference.

According to the Church Development Strategy Alliance of Taichung, the rate of suicide in Taiwan is the second highest in the world, and the rate of divorce in Taiwan is the highest in Asia. In Taichung, over 20 thousand children (under 18 years old) are living in needy families, or without parents.

Since the government cannot take care of every aspect of the society, church communities in Taichung hope to reply to this social need, and unite different forces to take care of those children ¨C especially after school. However, recently their care class was came under legal difficulties because of lacking of necessary documents and not meeting certain standards. They were charged 120,000 NT.

The Church Development Strategy Alliance of Taichung said in the conference that, as a non-profit community, they hoped the government would not treat them as other profit organizations.

All the attendees wore a yulan flower in the conference, which symbolizes their care for the Taiwan aboriginals. The organizers expressed their wish, ¡°If we can give them a hand, give them a chance, the life of children from these aboriginal families can still be full of redolence, they can even become a blessing to our society.¡±