HKCC Asks Hong Kong Churches to Support Disaster Relief

The Hong Kong Council of Churches urges Hong Kong church to donate funds in helping tsunami victims.
( [email protected] ) Dec 29, 2004 07:24 AM EST

Yesterday, the Hong Kong council of churches called upon all Hong Kong churches to give aid in response to the earthquake on the morning of Dec 26 that led to a tsunami sweeping 9 Asian countries and killing nearly 60,000 people.

“Five Loaves and Two Fish”, the emergent aid funding of the HKCC has appropriated $200,000 HKD (US $25,000) to help disaster-stricken countries, such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India and Thailand. The HKCC hopes to work through local churches -related to their organization.

In the letter appealing to all the major Hong Kong churches, HKCC reported that Action By Churches Together has already sent a team of experts to these countries to estimate the damage. They are also planning to distribute food, medicine, clean water and depurative there. The budget is around US $10 million. HKCC calls on the churches to respond to these relief actions and the believers to donate for the victims. It also expresses the hope that churches can set up a special prayer section at New Year gathering or the first Sunday service of the new year, in order to commemorate the deaths of millions of flood victims..

The ex-president of HKCC, Rev. Li Ping-Kwong from the United Methodist Church said to Gospel Post HK, “Through this disaster, we are able to see that how hard it is for us to control our lives. Therefore, every one of us should live our life preciously.” He also appeals to the churches and believers to support the people in disaster through prayers and donations.