Bay Area ‘Singles for Christ’ Conference in 2005

Ambassadors for Christ organization plans ‘Singles for Christ Conference 2005’ in Burlingame, California.
( [email protected] ) Jan 18, 2005 05:46 PM EST

The Ambassadors for Christ will soon launch the annual Singles for Christ Conference tomorrow, January 19 in the Bay Area. The conference will continue Tuesday thru Sunday at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, Burlingame, California. Speakers for the conference will include Dr. Richard Foster, Reverend Wally Yew, Dr. Siang-Yang Tan, Reverend George Skramstad, and Ms. Jane Yu. The theme for this year’s conference is “Spiritual Renewal Day by Day and Living for His Kingdom.”

The conference will include speaker sessions, workshops, group activities, and a talent show. According to sources, the conference annually attracts Christian singles not just from the United States but also in countries as far as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Every year the Ambassadors for Christ host this event in the interests of preparing Christian singles for a lifetime in “pursuing God,” says AFC website. In a slide show, available on the website, the conference promises to help singles with deepening their relationship to God, mature spiritually and emotionally, applying faith with daily living, and preparing for starting godly families through self-improvement.

According to website sources, participants from past conferences have responded positively to the event. One attendant wrote to AFC, “I realized that there's nothing wrong with being single. (I used to really think that something is wrong with me.) We are all created complete in God, and we are as normal as married people. Marriage is just a different life style.”

Another past conference participant shared, “Instead of thinking about the past or hoping for the future, I now enjoy my life in the present, and treasure everyday as a gift from God.”