Alpha Course Increasingly Adopted by HK Churches after Active Promotion Campaign

Over 50 churches and organizations in Hong Kong will be running Alpha Course this autumn.
( [email protected] ) Aug 30, 2005 07:06 PM EDT

Stepping into the new month September, it comes to the season of Alpha Course, which will be commenced simultaneously in thousands of churches in over 150 countries across the world. In Hong Kong, Alpha Invitation has successfully raised the awareness of Alpha Course through a wide range of methods and more churches are ready to join the list.

Alpha Invitation is an annual campaign designed to promote the vision for Alpha, which is to transform the society by inviting people to know about Christian faith. Many churches from different denominations are involved to invite their congregation to join the Alpha course with the four "P"'s strategy- Plan, Pray, Prepare and Promote.

The Alpha Invitation Joint Prayer & Preparation Meeting has been one of the major activities over the summer. Three Alpha Invitation prayer meetings were held on June 16 (616), July 17 (717) and August 18 (818). Christians gathered to pray for the invitation of non-believers, preparing to gain victory in the coming spiritual battle.

The fruit of Alpha Invitation is slowly growing in Hong Kong. Currently, over 50 churches and organizations will be running Alpha Course this autumn. Some of these include business organizations such as Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

On the Alpha Course Hong Kong website, more organizations are added to the list day by day.

In addition, huge banners of Alpha Invitation are put on not only outside the church building but also at the tram stations, underground stations, and pier. The Alpha advertisement is also printed on 40 public buses. It is being described as one of the most aggressive Christian advertising campaigns ever.

The Alpha Supper, a highlighted and creative event to invite believers and non-believers to know more deeply about Christian faith in a social setting, will be hosted at many locations during the week of September 18-24. Thousands of people are expected to attend the occasion.