''Beyond'' Receives Legal Distribution Rights in Mainland China

( [email protected] ) Mar 21, 2011 05:25 AM EDT

China Soul Association recently announced that their newly produced documentary “Beyond” is now legally distributed in mainland China.

“Beyond” is a T.V. documentary series consisting of ten episodes, telling the stories of overseas Chinese in Europe, Australia, and North America whose lives have been transformed because of their faith in God. The main characters of each episode consist of students, engineer, entrepreneur, pastor, lawyer, internet bride, and even stowaway, murderer, and gambler.

According to his blog, Rev. Yuan Zhi-Ming, founder of China Soul Association and producer of the documentary, hopes that “Beyond” can be used by the Lord to give blessings, so the billion Chinese brothers and sisters can receive peace and blessings in this apocalyptic, crooked, and disaster-stricken era.

Yuan also noted that the documentary was slightly edited for the China Edition. “Story of Overseas Chinese Students”, one of the nine episodes, was taken out, and the beginning and ending parts of the documentary were edited. Otherwise, everything else remained the same.

“Beyond” China Edition includes four CDs that contains eight episodes. Each package is now selling at 39 RMB, distributed exclusively through Desert Flowers in China.

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