Watoto Children’s Choir to Perform at Missions Fest Vancouver 2012

Oct 27, 2011 05:42 AM EDT

Vancouver, British Columbia, Friday, January 27th, 2012 - Watoto, a holistic care program, initiated to serve the dire needs of Africa and her people, is thrilled to present a brand new tour entitled Beautiful Africa: A New Generation.

The Watoto Children’s Choir invites you on January 27th, 2012 for an evening of vibrant, original African music, dance routines and life-transforming stories. The tour is indicative of the new generation of leaders emerging out of Watoto.

Established in 1994, The Watoto Children’s Choir has travelled internationally as ambassadors for the millions of children in Africa, orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS, war and poverty. Each of the children in the choir has suffered the loss of one or both parents.

They live in Watoto Children’s Villages where they receive the care and nurture they need to grow up as productive citizens of their country. Today, Watoto is impacting the lives of more than 2,500 children who have been orphaned and abandoned.

The purpose of Watoto is to give these children hope, and meaning. For this to become an ongoing reality, Watoto encourages the support of all Canadians to sponsor a life and to change a story for these vulnerable children.

Living Hope is a Watoto program that has transformed the lives of women in Kampala and war torn Gulu, Northern Uganda. The target groups are HIV positive single women, returnees from abduction by the Lord’s Resistance Army, and teenage mothers. The goal of Living Hope is to restore dignity to vulnerable women. The 2012 Canadian Tour features fair trade items for purchase that are made by women in the Living Hope program.

Watoto on the web: Watoto.com