Taipei Scripture Conference Adapts by Broadcasting Stephen Tong's Theological Lecture During His Recovery

Aug 05, 2012 08:13 AM EDT

The hearts of many brothers and sisters were touched by the famous seminary Pastor Stephen Tong's recent ailment. Pastor Tong is currently in Indonesia, resting and under observation, and thus is not fit to travel far. The Taipei scripture conference, held this Wednesday, will convene as planned, by broadcasting Pastor Tong's June lecture at the Hong Kong Westminster Theology Seminar.

The Taiwan office of Pastor Tong's STEMI has telephoned Pastor Tong in Indonesia to get a better understanding of his state of health, and has learnt from the crew that he is still in the process of recovery, and that he is not fit to travel far according to the doctor's advice. He will rest and stay under medical observation, in hopes for a speedy recovery.

Although Pastor Tong cannot make long travels, he still expresses interest in the congregation and the proceedings of the conference. Due to the terrible weather in Taiwan a little earlier, as well as the state of Pastor Tong's health, the Taipei scripture conference has been cancelled a few times. Pastor Tong expressed his regrets for not being able to attend in person at this Wednesday's conference.

However, the Taiwan office of Pastor Tong's STEMI has proposed a back-up mechanism, with the agreement of Pastor Tong. The conference will still go on as planned, but will adapt by broadcasting Pastor Tong's June lecture at the Hong Kong Westminster Theology Seminar, on the topic of "The Gospel and the Overall Gratitude". He urged everyone to spread the word and invite related friends and families to attend.

The crew from the Taiwan office explained that "The Gospel and the Overall Gratitude" lecture is 80 minutes in length, which will share Pastor Tong's heartfelt encouragements to panelists and participants based on various principles. He will encourage the worldwide churches and believers to live the Gospel life. At the same time, the Evangelistic Association will share with everyone the most recent preparation activities of the Taiwan Youth and Adult Touring Seminary in the month of October.

"The rainbow colors on all of us prophets, apostles, and historical believers are testimonies to the spirit of sacrificing our own pleasures and even lives to endure and testify for the Gospel of Christ. Along the same lines, God also employs his servant Pastor Stephen Tong to be the loud and clear voice that traverses centuries in the wilderness of the worldwide churches." This was said in the prayer dedication newsletter of the Taiwan office of Pastor Tong's STEMI.

At the end, the crew of the Evangelistic Association urged the various churches to pray for the promotion of missionary work and for the health of Pastor Tong. May God fulfill the work that is pleasing in his eyes, according to his most wonderful intentions, so that the Gospel can prosper.

[Editor's note: Carol Lee translated this report.]