From Cloud to Valley: Spreading Love

May 22, 2013 08:50 AM EDT

Yuanyi Network founder, Dr. TC Lee, has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. The first half of his life was smooth sailing. Shortly after he started up a technology company in Silicon Valley, the value of his company rapidly climbed up to more than 100 million dollars. However, there is hidden danger behind every success. In one night, he was sold out, and quickly fell from the skies of success to the valley of death and shadow. Moreover, he had to face the long-term legal battle to fight for property rights and the drainage of his financial resources. In a moment, he was deprived of all he had.

As a science & technology professional, in the past TC always believed that he could control his own destiny based on his own talent and hard work. However, when facing with the most severe trial of his life, his normally high level of confidence could do nothing for him and he was rendered powerless. To add more gravity to the situation, despite his optimistic nature, the feeling of betrayal from his friend filled his heart with oppression against this injustice, and he grew doubtful and disappointed in human nature.

God Will Utilize You

Within one year from the start of the legal battle, he had depleted all his financial means and lost all his hopes; the US legal battle was losing on several key motions, and the Taiwanese legal battle was intentionally postponed by his opponent to the effect that a hearing would not take place for an entire year. At this time, a small Taiwanese law firm ran by a Christian couple with no experience in international or technological cases was willing to help him, solely because the wife felt compelled to do so by God. At the time, TC suspected that this lawyer might be a “religious fanatic,” and was surprised in a meeting when she told TC that God would like to utilize him and wanted to let TC know God through this case. Even though the lawyer didn’t think her firm had the capability to take on the case, she still mustered up the courage and boldly accepted the challenge, leaving a Bible to the curious TC.

After the small law firm took over the case, the situation was reversed, and within less than a year, they won the case in Taiwan and the opponent was sentenced to pay damages to TC. At this time, TC realized the God his lawyer had mentioned was really capable. At almost the same time, the hay fever allergy that had bothered TC for many years was cured by God in a healing crusade. After experiencing these miracles, TC’s heart was touched by God. He felt that he was living but had really been dead, and that his mission now was to glorify God.

After receiving Jesus as his personal savior, he started to feel an inner drive to do something meaningful. Then, a few years ago, TC’s wife invited him to volunteer at a Christmas charity gift-giving event for low-income children, organized by the Buddhist organization Tzu-Chi. At first, TC was reluctant to go. However, his wife asked him a pointed question: “Would Jesus go?” Upon pondering this question, he not only participated in this event, but also played Santa Claus for first time in his life. Later on, through invitation by other Tzu-Chi volunteers, TC joined the American Cancer Society’s California Chinese Unit as a Leadership Council Member. He organized some key events for the organization and experienced many miracles.

Starting Yuanyi Network

Although TC didn’t preach the gospel directly during his charity service, many volunteers working with him received Jesus. TC said believing in Jesus is not about becoming a religionist; if one continues to only preach one’s own faith to others but cannot live out a good example, this will become a stumbling block for people trying to reach Jesus. Job was a religionist, but it wasn’t until God took away all his wealth, status, and everything that he could rely on in this world, that he started to hear the voice of God. TC was inspired by his volunteer experience with American Cancer Society to start Yuanyi Network.

Through his work as a volunteer, TC learned that the biggest beneficiary is oneself. “Love” is the greatest power in the universe. Love can open a closed heart and bring it to life. When our hearts are ignited by love, they will emit light and heat.

After being diagnosed with terminal stage lung cancer, the former Catholic Church of Taiwan Cardinal Paul Kuo-Hsi Shan started his “Farewell to Life Journey” to spread love using his last breath. In the past few years, Cardinal Shan’s ministry set a great example of “Living out Love.” TC interviewed Cardinal Shan to share his valuable experience and to provide encouragement to cancer patients.

Jesus is the Way to Victory

Before Christmas 2012, Yuanyi Network organized its debuting event, “Cloud Charity Festival – Christmas Express to Taitung” to help collect resources for 120 schools in Taitung, the lowest-income county in Taiwan. Shortly after the 3rd year inauguration anniversary ceremony of the Taitung county governor, the governor received Jesus and declared in public to give the power of all of Taitung to Jesus (a bold action in a place where only less than 5% of Taiwanese voters are Christians). After the governor publically declared this, the donation rapidly climbed up from 6 million NT dollars ($200,702 USD) to 32 million NT dollars ($1,070,412 USD) within three days. This was a miraculous work of God!

TC shared his view about the way to victory in life following 7 steps: (1) Receive Christ’s love to ignite life; (2) Experience Christ’s cross to overcome hardship and trials; (3) Hold on to Christ’s name to defeat idols; (4) Obey Christ’s command to break the power of darkness; (5) Spread Christ’s gospel to light up people’s hearts; (6) Worship & praise everywhere to glorify God; (7) Prepare for the wedding feast of the lamb.

Now God is continuously touching TC’s heart to spread love out to more places. He is inspired to bring the needs of “120 Taitungs” in this world to Silicon Valley in US, to let the success and fortune of Silicon Valley be utilized by God to bless the whole world. Taiwan will also be utilized to bless many nations in the world. For more information about Yuanyi Network, see