EBM to Hold 'Answers in Genesis' Seminar on Oct. 14

( [email protected] ) Sep 29, 2004 01:30 AM EDT

According to the Barna Research group, less than one-fourth of Christians are sharing their faith with non-Christians. With secular culture dominating many aspects of modern life, it has become increasingly difficult to find a common starting point for relationships.

Paul Jackson, of Evangelical Baptist Mission says that the concepts of right and wrong have become vague, making the truth confusing.

Jackson is encouraging the study of Genesis as a way to regain the basics of the Christian worldview. He says, "We're understanding how critical the book of Genesis is [in] understanding what God teaches there not only in terms of origins, but as a context and backdrop for the presenting the Gospel itself and how critical that is."

EBM is sponsoring an "intense 1-day seminar" called "Answers in Genesis." It takes place on October 14 in Indianapolis. Jackson says that the book of Genesis lays the foundation needed for the next step in evangelism. "It takes us back to the basic truths that are going to dynamically impact how we witness to our friends, how we reach a people group around the world in giving them a context for understanding the Gospel."

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Source: MNN