Youth With A Mission Hong Kong – A Year In Asia

Providing an opportunity for discipleship and outreach to be focused on Asia, YWAM continues Year In Asia training program open for all
( [email protected] ) Mar 24, 2005 11:42 PM EST

Year In Asia is a year-long program hosted by Youth With A Mission Hong Kong and it is open for all who are interested to experience and be trained to do missions in Asia. The three parts of the program, namely Disciple Training School (DTS), Far East Evangelism Teams (FEET), and Christmas Outreach (COR), stretch over a year’s period and participants are welcome to join the program starting from any part.

1) Disciple Training School (DTS)

In Hong Kong, YWAM has two Discipleship Training Schools; the first DTS runs from June 29 to November 21, 2005 and the second DTS is from January 16 through June 10, 2006. Each starts with a three month classroom phase which speakers from around the world come to teach on topics like “Father Heart of God”, “Character of God”, “Relationships”, “Spiritual Warfare”, “Vision and Calling” and “Missions”. These are coupled with small groups, Bible study, team building, corporate worship and prayer to make DTS an awesome time of learning from God and drawing close to Him. The program is then followed by a two-month outreach that gives participants opportunity to apply all knowledge and skills learned in the classroom phase. The first DTS students will be dispatched to Asia in general.

The first DTS is $3500 USD for the lecture phase and approximately $2000 USD for the outreach phase in Asia. The second DTS is $3500 USD for the lecture phase and $1000 USD for the outreach phase. This outreach will be in several Asian nations, using performing arts in ministry.

2) Far East Evangelism Teams (FEET)

Far East Evangelism Teams (FEET) go to the nations of Asia to share Christ's love in schools, prisons, city streets, remote villages and shopping malls – wherever people will listen – to share the Gospel with many creative tools. Colorful pantomime dramas, dances and clowning are some of these tools. “The results have been astounding. Each year, we see many people make commitments to Jesus Christ,” testified Anna Rees of YWAM Hong Kong. FFET also work together with local churches in the nations to provide follow-up and discipleship for new converts.

Traveling to nations with restricted access where preaching openly is not possible, the teams learn more about the power of worship and intercession as they move through these areas to pray and seek out people to share the Gospel with, one on one. During the six week preparation time, the participants will be training for a two and a half month outreach. The preparation period begins in mid-July and includes worship, intercession, teachings, team dynamics and learning drama and dance that will be used in evangelism. The outreach goes to different nations in Asia.

DATES: July 11 - November 18, 2005

COST: $4000 USD

3) Christmas Outreach (COR)

WHO? People from many nations - individuals, families and teams come to Hong Kong for these two weeks.

WHERE? The team ministers all over Hong Kong in schools, shopping malls, parks and city streets.

WHAT? It begins with three days of training. Much time will be dedicated in worship and intercession for Hong Kong. The group will be trained in colorful drama, dance and clowning for many places open up for this type of ministry at Christmas time. The group will minister through performances, testimonies, and conclude with sharing the Gospel. Lastly, everyone will have an opportunity to go and speak to people one on one, and answer questions they might have after watching the program. “The harvest is ripe in Hong Kong!”

DATES: December 13-27

COST: $450 USD

[Source: YWAM Hong Kong]

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