International Bible Society Developing Chinese Youth Website

IBS is developing a cutting-edge Chinese Christian Website that will capture the attention of Chinese youth
( [email protected] ) Apr 19, 2005 12:27 PM EDT

The International Bible Society (IBS) is developing a cutting-edge Chinese Christian website that will capture the attention of Chinese youth. The website aims to present God’s Word, Jesus Christ, and the good news of His salvation in a contemporary, attractive "new media" format.

"The Internet is an extraordinary medium for bringing Christianity into the homes and lives of people around the world—especially where political, social, or religious barriers prevent open evangelism and discipleship," IBS stated recently in its ministry website. "The gospel can be powerfully presented through text, photos, video, and sound."

According IBS, contemporary issues can be discussed in a format that is accessible, dynamic, and even interactive. Also, the entire text of the Bible can be offered for both reading online and downloading.

In a recent book, researcher George Barna emphasised that spirituality in the early years has a powerful lifelong impact and that youngsters’ spiritual beliefs carry them into adulthood. He concluded that young people are the single most-important population group that the Church should focus on.

"IBS staff around the world agrees," the bible ministry wrote. "We believe that if we can change the younger generation today, we can change the world tomorrow."

It is estimated that as many as 13 million Chinese young people surf the Web.