Gospel Chinese Christian Church Raised $27,000 for Northern Thailand Adoption Program

For three years running, GCCC has been supporting various organizations based in Thailand to fund orphans and children for daily routines such as eating, transporting and schooling.
( [email protected] ) Jun 18, 2005 06:43 PM EDT

For the year 2005, Gospel Chinese Christian Church of Milpitas, California, has managed to collect US $27,000 within one month for the annual funding of an adoption program in Northern Thailand.

After visiting Thailand years ago, leaders of GCCCC have grown a heart for the Thai children who are poverty-stricken and thus far from hearing the good news of the Gospel of Christ. They have since been involved in this adoption program founded by the father of a member in their church; his name is Pastor Kuan. Pastor Kuan, who is in Asia, serves as a bridge between GCCCC and the Northern Thailand Missions.

Working hand in hand with three organizations, GCCC sees this as a perfect opportunity to support the young ones who are helpless and exercise what they preach: love. The three organizations, namely, Finai Restoration Center, Quei Kwang Student Center, and Minority Lahu, are primarily orphanages and education centers.

The first organization, The Finai Restoration Center, was founded by a Chinese-Malaysian, Pastor Cheah, when he found his calling from God to devote his life to minister in Thailand. The center is located around Chiang Rai and there he adopts children from infants to teenagers who are either forsaken by their parents or left at their doorsteps. Some of them are even HIV positive.

In total, Pastor Cheah and team house around 70 orphans – two thirds of them being girls. Their strategy is to provide the basic needs of each child, such as education and a good environment for them to grow up in, and then gradually teach them about Christianity. Part of the $27,000 that GCCCC raised will be used to replace the engine of the orphanage’s 30-year-old school bus that takes the children to different schools every morning. And the fund also supports over twenty children because it only cost $30 for each child per month.

Secondly, the organization they support is Quei Kwang Student Center which is located up in the mountains near Huey Pong village. Because early immigrants included Chinese, the children are fluent in Chinese. The organization’s main objective is to provide education and through education, introduce Christianity. “We support them to attend high school because their education level often ends at junior high school. If they don’t complete high school education, they have to be dependent on others in the future,” claims Mr. Jonathan Sun, a GCCCC leader in charge of the Northern Thailand Adoption Program.

Lastly, the fund will go to Minority Lahu, a local minority that speaks their own dialect and language. With the Northern Thailand Lahu fellowship, the priority of this organization is church-planting in many regions and mountainous areas. The fund can support pastors working there and can also provide training and finances for effective church planting. Since the Lahu children live in remote places, they can gather in this place to study.

Leader Sun, passionately claims, “Our vision is to exercise our love. In terms of giving, we are always looking for mission opportunities. If anybody is interested, please contact Betty Kuan at [email protected]