Missionaries Take Leave for Colombia

Apr 05, 2003 05:12 PM EST

Global Mission Fellowships travel to Colombia to help local churches through the ongoing guerrilla warfare. Sam Ingrassia says, “We’re going to Kali, Colombia to work with an association of churches there for the purpose of mobilizing the church for the purpose of evangelism and planting new mission churches. The purpose is to start the seed of 12 new mission churches on this campaign.” GMF specializes in this kind of outreach. Ingrassia says they also plan to train 500 people in Evangecube evangelism, which will help the local church in their own outreach efforts when they leave. “The Colombian Christians there are having their own month long campaign. It’s called ‘Kail – 100-percent For Christ’. They have a multi-tiered strategy of how they’re going to do saturation in this particular district, which has a million people.”

By Pauline J.