Ministry Reaches Out to Russian Orphans

Apr 07, 2003 01:21 PM EDT

Evangelical churches in Russia reach out to children in orphanages. Slavic Gospel Association’s Michael Johnson says this type of ministry is desperately needed because orphans in this country face a difficult future. “Statistics show that when these children are let out of these orphanages apart from hearing and responding to the Gospel these kids will end up as drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, they’ll be recruited by the local mafia and many of them will in fact commit suicide.” That’s why SGA has started ‘Orphans Reborn’ -- an effort to help fund this incredible outreach opportunity. ”We’ve equipped these workers with things such as Bibles, and Christian literature, discipleship material, we provide them with humanitarian aid, and they go into these orphanages every single week to do evangelism and discipleship for these children. And, we can do it at a rate, roughly, of 30-dollars a year, per child.”

By Pauline J.